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Victorian Trade Cards

Advertising Cards 1880s

Highly Collectible!

acme soap little girls
Acme Laundry Soap The Best Bar of Soap made, cut full pounds Manufactured by Lauz Bros. & Co.,Buffalo N.Y., dated 1886, two little girls kissing.. Card in good condition ,lower right corner bend, advertising on back ,slight paper pull. (item #1) $10.50 Shipping of $2.10 #1
acme girl soap

Card reads use Acme Soap cut full pounds best bar made, Mfd. By Lautz Bros. & Co, card in VF condition, no advertising on back, little girl holding flowers. (item #2) $12.00 shipping of $2.10

lutz soap add
Lautz Bros & Co's Soaps Best in the market, Little girl feeding birds, back of card reads L.C. Schulehr, dealer in Choice Family Groceries, Oneida and Rase St., Buffalo N.Y., card in fine condition, no album marks. (item # 3) $12.00 shipping of $2.10
startch add
Faultless Starch advertising for a free pair of scissors or a silver plated thimble packed in packages of starch, picture of lady sitting on chair reading paper. Card in fine condition, only slight staining on back of card. (item #4) $10.50. Shipping of $2.10
Tarrents little child
Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient, to regulate the stomach the liver, the bowels, to cure indigestion, bilousness, constipation. Card in great condition slight paper pull on back no bends front perfect, minor glue stains on back. (item #5) $14.00 Shipping of $2.10

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