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1900s to present, click on thumbnail image to see large view

Loves Greeting
Loves Message Dove with Box of For-get-me-nots, by international art co, card has been used in very good condition. $7.50 #1L Shipping of $2.0(SOLD) or shipping discounted with more items purchased (New Item added!)
Darling postcard
A Joyful Thanksgiving Turkey postcard, great card in good condition corner bend and scuff on back of card, never used. $7.00 Shipping of $2.00 #2T )(Sold)
Loving Greeting
Loving Greeting's Vintage postcard,used in the 1900s, good condition. $7.00 Shipping of $2.00 (SOLD) or shipping disounted with more items purchased #3LG
Souvenir of True Friendship, beautiful angels, card postally used in 1900s California. Card in excellent condition. $8.00 Shipping of $2.10 #4 !
beautifl summer lady
Summer Girl by E. S. Porter,writing on front of card, postally used in 1907, card in great conditon ,minor corner bend. $12.00 Shipping of $2.10 #5

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