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Victorian Die-cut Scraps
Holiday Postcards

Victorian Die-cut Scraps and Holiday Postcards
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1900s to present

Vicorian Die-cut Childen with eggs
Victorian Die-cut Scrap children with cart and eggs,scrap in excellent condition,size is 5 and 3 3/4 inches wide, $22.00 shipping $2.00 (SOLD)or shipping discounted with more items purchased Item #8dcchildreneggs New Item added
Christmas postcard
Vintage Christmas Postcard by Raphael Tuck and Sons in very good condition, Card in good condition minor corner wear,has been used in 1907 $7.50 shipping $2.00 shipping discounted with more items purchased Item # Pc2Christmas New Item added!
Beautiful Die-cut Hand Beautiful Victorian Die-cut Hand with Violets, good condition size is 5 by 2 1/2 iches wide. $16.00 and shipping $2.00 #3dchandviolets New Item1
datona beach Daytona Beach FL, from the air. Card in excellent condition never used. $5.50 shipping $1.67 #4 ON HOLD
castillo de san marcos Castillo De San Marcos St. Augstine Florida, nice linen card never used. Excellent condition. $5.50 shipping $1.67 #5 ON HOLD

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