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MINT (M): A perfect card just like it comes from the printing press. A clean and fresh card.

MINT (NM): Like Mint but very light aging or very slight discoloration from being in an album for many Years. Not as fresh looking. Not as sharp or crisp.

EXCELLENT (EX) or FINE+ (F+): Like mint in appearance with no bends or creases nor rounded or blunt corners. May be postally used or unused.

VERY GOOD (VG) or FINE (F): Corners may be just a little bit blunt or rounded. Almost undetectable crease or bend that does not distract from overall appearance.

GOOD (G): Corners may be bent or rounded with noticeably slight creases or bends.

AVERAGE (AVG): Creases and bends more pronounced. Corners more rounded.

POOR (P) or FAIR: Card is intact. Excess soil, stains, creases etc.

SPACE FILLER (SP): Poor condition, may have torn corners or breaks.

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